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Lyrica (pregabalin) is an anti-epileptic drug. It functions by slowing down the impulses in the brain that are responsible for seizures. Lyrica affects certain chemicals in the brain responsible for sending pain signals throughout the nervous system.

Lyrica is prescribed to control seizures. It is also used to treat fibromyalgia. Lyrica is also used to treat pain that is attributed to nerve damage in people who have diabetes or herpes zoster. Lyrica may be used for additional purposes, but only with a doctor's approval and on a case by case basis.

There are some side effects to be aware of pertaining to Lyrica. Those taking Lyrica may have thoughts of suicide. Those taking Lyrica will have regular doctor's appointments and will be checked for any side effects and a blood test will be given to ensure the drug is working properly. No doctor's appointments should be missed.

Other symptoms associated with Lyrica may include:

• mood or behavior changes
• depression
• anxiety
• insomnia
• feeling agitated or hostile
• feeling restless
• hyperactivity (mental or physical)
• thoughts of suicide or hurting oneself

Those taking Lyrica for prevention of seizures, it is important that those individuals continue taking the medication even if they feel fine. See your doctor for further instructions. It is also important not change the dosage of Lyrica without your doctor's consent. Communication between patient and doctor is key to the success of Lyrica. Those who are allergic to pregabalin should not take Lyrica.

Those will the following conditions may need dose adjustments or special tests prior to taking Lyrica:

• diabetes
• congestive heart failure
• bleeding disorders
• kidney disease (esp. those on dialysis)
• history of depression/suicidal thoughts
• low levels of platelets
• history of drug/alcohol addiction
• previous severe allergic reactions

It is not known if Lyrica will harm an unborn baby, however having a seizure during pregnancy could potentially harm mother and baby. It is important to follow doctor's instructions when taking Lyrica while pregnant. Those who become pregnant whole on Lyrica may be placed on a pregnancy registry in order evaluate any effects Lyrica may have on the baby. If a male fathers a child while on Lyrica it may effect the baby, so it is recommended to use a condom during treatment. Those under the age of 18 should not use Lyrica. See your doctor throughout treatment.

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